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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

What? Wednesday! - Week 16

Happy Wednesday All!!!

WHAT has happened to PumpkinSpice?  {smiles}  I know the blog has been less active the past few weeks.  This is what Pumpkin & I have been up too...

During Pumpkin's spring break we played with a lot of Lego's
Reorganized some product

Received some new product...........

Lots of scanning to minimize all these binders of paperwork...

1 done so far... lost count of how many more

Today we had a chance to start Pumpkin's Easter classmate gift.  Can you believe Easter is just 4 days away? 
This Spring is just zooming by. 

And of course I have been busy with everyone's favorite task... TAXES!

Pumpkin and I are going to make some changes to the weekly line up... 

Starting Tuesday the 22nd, a new series will begin.  I am going to keep this one a secret for now but I just know you will enjoy it.  It will surely bring a smile to your face.

Wednesday's will turn into What is PumpkinSpice doin?  This will be a more personal glimpse into PumpkinSpice.

Friday's are going to start including a new series, Weekly Product Focus along with the Freebie Friday.
Well, I hope you enjoyed stopping in today to see what Pumpkin and I have been up to.